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Two designers of bullets for shotguns M. Y. Ivanov & V.V. Polev

Two designers of bullets for shotguns M. Y. Ivanov & V.V. Polev

I know almost everything about V.V. Polev, but it would be desirable to write only about its steel bullets PPst, since I consider them as best of his bullets, and in general the future is behind steel. Viktor Vladimirovich has always been a fan of high-precision shooting from smoothbore shotguns and devoted all his life to create leaden bullets for shotguns.

V. Polev still works on the KZORS (The Kirov factory of the hunting and fishing equipments) as a chief designer. He is a fan of all-around hunting and still actively participates in tournaments on shooting of shotguns. Poleva V. V's bullets are on sale in the market more than 15 years.

And PPst has been sale for a year only, though in private conversation Pole told me that originally the steel bullet was about to be inventing in 1968, but something prevented.

Speaking to Viktor Vladimirovich at a tournament in Moscow, 06.11.11, we discussed PPst - its pros and cons. Thus the improvement of cushioning of PPst will be able to increase its internal and external ballistics and make it more perspective.

PPst (Polev's steel bullet)

In my opinion, the very objective article about PPst was written by Yuri Maximov on his personal website www.maksimov.su

SPI ( Ivanov's steel bullets) are on sale too recently, 1,5 years to be exact. From the very beginning he has decided to make a steel bullet as the "cross-country" which is primarily designed for hunting in severe conditions (grass, bushes and small trees).

The appointment of SPI is shooting through small obstacles (bushes and small trees) mainly on distances in 50-60 m. For distances over 60-80m there is a rifle. The first hunters, who appreciated the dignity of SPI, were hunters, who hunt with kid-skins. When the dogs keep the beast, it is very important not to shoot dog, because ricochet of a leaden bullet is usual thing in the forest.

While hunting for animals I have tried everything that flies, but original "revolution in my head" was made by a classical bullet of Blondeau which has casually got to me. I tried to copy it, but couldn't receive stable quality, because bullet is very low-tech and required high labor input while manufacturing. It was necessary to simplify a bullet of Blondeau to receive more technological design, and to save all the advantages which have been checked up by time. A main advantage of the bullet of Blondeau - no fear of small obstacles. Bullets of Blondeau are still manufactured in Germany.

After long suffering (after all it was necessary not only to simplify it. The main thing that it should fly and not lose her destructive power) for more than 14 years, we managed to get quite a technological SPI possessing a stable grouping (property of the gun to group points

Of falling or ruptures of shells, rockets, bullets etc.) and good stopping effect. At first, I did a bullet for paradox, and then found out that it perfectly works for a smooth trunk either. The only difference is in cutting a cover.

Offered bullet shell SPI is two-componential and consists of a steel bullet with deepening in a head part and a cover made of polyethylene of a high pressure.

SPI (Ivanov's steel bullet)

This is the result of the long improving process:

  1. The bullet well works at shooting on large and dangerous animals (a bear, a wild boar, and an elk) through small obstacles - bushes, small trees, a grass which don't reject a bullet from the trajectory, because the bullet flies where it was sent, despite small obstacles.
  2. When hitting bones (shovel, backbone, neck, head, and frontal bone) the bullet possesses fine stopping effect and penetrative ability. When injected into the forehead of a bear, a wild boar, an elk, it makes a hole in a frontal bone very easily, despite the angle of the bullet entry and the size of an animal.
  3. When hitting muscles, the bullet also possesses good stopping effect at the expense of hydrodynamic blow and effect of temporarily pulsing cavity. Considering that any animal consists 70 % of water, when getting in pulp strengthening of stopping effect is influenced by a funnel in a head part which promotes creation of hydrodynamic blow. The above speed, the hydrodynamic blow becomes more expressed and stopping effect above at the same weight of a bullet.
  4. The bullet has a stable and good grouping, irrespective of weapon cost at distances up to 100m.
  5. It is enough to start this bullet (weight 31 g ) with a speed Vо=600-700m/sec and we will receive the superbullet, with hydrodynamic blow and effect of temporarily pulsing cavities providing effect which allows to hunt even on elephants in Africa with a usual smooth-bore gun, but it is desirable to have drilling of trunks Rifled Choke, Rifled Slug.

In conclusion, it would be desirable to notice that a bullet SPI is not whimsical by the speeds and can be used in bullet cartridges of four types (with selection of the corresponding shock-absorber and gunpowder hinge plates): the standard, a semi-magnum, a magnum and sports. On tournament I have picked up the facilitated hinge plates of gunpowder providing comfortable high-precision shooting and possibility for more productive usage the same bullet shell SPI for four kinds of bullet cartridges.

For You Information: Ivanov's bullet shell SPI is protected by the patent of Federal Agency of Intellectual property, Patents and Trade marks №2349869, and also the patent: USA BULLET, SHELL FOR SMOOTHBORE AND RIFLED CHOKE HUNTING GUNS, and application No. 12/274,840 USA.

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